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Scrap metal reception prices

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Best prices Latvia EUR/t **
Best prices Latvia EUR/t **

12A - tin (plate)

Lightweight household scrap: tin plate, metal webs, fences, wires, tape, roof, etc.
Non-metal contaminations are not allowed.
Thickness up to 4 mm.

12AM - cars

Fully equipped cars with a motor, axels, battery, generator, radiator, gearbox (tanks may still contain fuel and oil, but only upon prior confirmation).

12AN - ousized lightveight manufacture byproducts

Lightweight outsized metal processing manufacture by products.
Thickness: till 4mm.
Max. dimensions are 6000*2500*500mm, without wire bundles

12AS - cable, rope

Metal cable, rope.

12M - household scrap

Lightweight scrap with non-metal cotaminations, refrigerators, boilers, empty paint cans, household appliances, washing machines, etc.
Non-metal inseparable contaminations are accepted.
Automobiles without engine.

12SN - tin-plate

Tin-plate: can production metal byproducts.

16A - cutting

Metal scobs.

17A - cast iron

Sized cast iron scraps.
Piece weight: 0.5 – 2000 kg.
Max. dimensions: 600 x 500 x 500 mm.

20A - outsized cast iron

Outsized cast iron scraps.
Max. piece weight: 4000 kg.
Max. scrap thickness: 300 mm.

3A - sized steel scrap

Heavy steel scrap metal.
Metal thickness – 4 mm and over
Max. dimensions: 1500x500x500 mm.

5A - outsized

Outsized steel scrap suitable for shearing press.
Metal thickness: 4+ mm.

5A1 - outsized thick-walled scrap

Outsized thick-walled construction scrap suitable for shearing press.
Thickness: 4+ mm.

5AN - outsized heavy-weight manufacture byproducts

Steel manufacture processing by products.
Thickness: 4+ mm.
Max. dimensions are 6000*2500*500mm, without wire bundles

5AR - over-sized fittings

Outsized rebar scrap.
Rebar and rebar construction.
Maximum dimension - withhout.

5АТ - large-dimension scrap

Construction, agricultural machinery, lathes, agregates, and steel scraps suitable for flane cutting.
Piece weight: under 10,000 kg.

E3 - Thick-walled structural steel scrap

Channel beams, pipes, constructions from them
Wall thickness from 6 mm 
Max. dimensions: 1500x500x500 mm

OA - bonus

Thick-walled steel scrap, mechanical, etc.
Wall thickness from 6 mm. Round stock diameter from 20mm
Max. dimensions: 1500x500x500 mm.

12A - tin (plate)160Show where
12AM - cars105Show where
12AN - ousized lightveight manufacture byproducts185Show where
12AS - cable, rope155Show where
12M - household scrap80Show where
12SN - tin-plate160Show where
16A - cutting130Show where
17A - cast iron185Show where
20A - outsized cast iron165Show where
3A - sized steel scrap185Show where
5A - outsized165Show where
5A1 - outsized thick-walled scrap170Show where
5AN - outsized heavy-weight manufacture byproducts185Show where
5AR - over-sized fittings160Show where
5АТ - large-dimension scrap160Show where
E3 - Thick-walled structural steel scrap175Show where
OA - bonus195Show where
Best prices Latvia EUR/kg **

AKB accumulators (Ni, Cd, Fe)

AKB akumulatori (Ni, Cd, Fe)

AKB accumulators (Pb)

AKB akumulatori (Pb)



Aluminum batteries

Aluminum batteries

Aluminum cans

Alumīnija bundžas

Aluminum foil

Alumīnija follija

Aluminium cable

Aluminium cable

Aluminum, small items

Alumīnija sīkumi

Aluminum scobs

Aluminum scobs (maximum moisture, oil and iron content: 3%).

Rolled aluminium

Rolled aluminium

Aluminum (Fe <40%)

Aluminum with iron addition up to 40%.

Aluminum, food grade

Food grade aluminum (plates and dishes, milk cans, cisterns or tanks).

Aluminum, AD

Alumīnijs, AD

Aluminum cast

Aluminum cast

Aluminum Mix

Aluminum Mix

Aluminum, radiators

Alumīnijs, radiatori





Bronze scobs

Bronze scobs

CAM (Zn, Al, Mg alloy)

CAM (Zn, Al, Mg sakausējumi)



Electric motors, generators and stators

Elektromotori - ģeneratori, starteri

Electric motors, refrigerator compressors

Elektromotori - ledusskapju kompresori

Electrical copper

Electrical copper

Chrome steel

Chrome steel



Сatalyzer (ceramic, coated, US) after the analysis results

Katalizatori (keramiskie, apvalkā, ASV)


Magnesium scrap, magnesium alloy.

Brass radiator

Misiņa radiatori

Brass scobs

Brass scobs



Stainless steel turning

Stainless steel turning

Stainless steel

Stainless stell scrap items, scobs or cutting both sized and outsized with nickel addition up to 10%.

Stainless steel (8% Ni)

Stainless steel (8% Ni)

Stainless steel (Ni 9.5-10%)

Nerūsejošais tērauds (9,5-10% Ni)


Lead scrap and cuttings.


Copper scrap and cuttings

Сopper insulation

Сopper insulation
AKB accumulators (Ni, Cd, Fe)0,18Show where
AKB accumulators (Pb)0,62Show where
AL KrFe0,25Show where
Aluminum cans0,80Show where
Aluminum foil0,25Show where
Aluminum, small items0,57Show where
Aluminum scobs0,57Show where
Rolled aluminium0,66Show where
Aluminum (Fe <40%)0,32Show where
Aluminum, food grade1,20Show where
Aluminum, AD1,00Show where
Aluminum cast0,70Show where
Aluminum Mix0,60Show where
Aluminum, radiators0,50Show where
Tin1,25Show where
Bronze3,00Show where
Bronze scobs2,00Show where
CAM (Zn, Al, Mg alloy)1,10Show where
Electric motors, generators and stators0,45Show where
Electric motors, refrigerator compressors0,30Show where
Electrical copper4,20Show where
Chrome steel0,15Show where
Catalizers36,00Show where
Сatalyzer (ceramic, coated, US) after the analysis results8,00Show where
Magnesium0,80Show where
Brass radiator2,70Show where
Brass scobs2,40Show where
Brass3,00Show where
Stainless steel turning0,70Show where
Stainless steel0,90Show where
Stainless steel (8% Ni)0,85Show where
Stainless steel (Ni 9.5-10%)1,00Show where
Lead1,25Show where
Сopper4,20Show where
Сopper insulation1,70Show where

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** Actual price on 22.08.2019