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Environmental care

Recycling metal is one of the main ways of preserving the environment and efficient use of natural resources. TOLMETS uses technologies for metal recycling that help maintain the level of environmental pollution. The company invested a considerable a...


Company development

Nevertheless TOLMETS is one of the biggest metal recycling companies in the Baltic States, it is constantly developing and seeking for new partners both within and outside the Baltics. The company leaders are always willing to negotiate a potential p...

Our achievements

Founded in 1999, TOLMETS is now holding a leading position in scrap metal recycling business. Company turnover has multiplied a thousand-fold for the last decade due to efficient management, smart investment and the use modern technology. Company ach...

Tolmets Board

Inta Ozoliņa,chairman of the Board: "I first became acquainted with TOLMETS in 2002 when I was providing the company with legal consultations. Business volumes were increasing rapidly and by 2004 the company needed its own legal department. I star...

Public activities

TOLMETS has gained a reputation of a large company and a trustworthy partner. Moreover, TOLMETS cares about its employees as long as collection and recycling of scrap metal is quite a demanding job and it is essential to motivate workers to encourage...

Scrap metal reception prices

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Purchase terms


Best prices in Latvia Eur/t **
Best prices in Latvia Eur/t **

OA - bonus

Thick-walled construction steel scrap, steel girders, channels, profiles, t-bars, etc.
Wall thickness from 6 mm. 
Max. dimensions: 1500x500x500 mm.

3A - steel

Heavy steel scrap metal.
Metal thickness – 4 mm and over
Max. dimensions: 1500x500x500 mm.

5A - outsized

Outsized steel scrap suitable for shearing press.
Metal thickness: 4+ mm.

12A - tin (plate)

Lightweight household scrap: tin plate, metal webs, fences, wires, tape, roof, etc.
Non-metal contaminations are not allowed.
Thickness up to 4 mm.

12AM - vehicles

Fully equipped cars with a motor, axels, battery, generator, radiator, gearbox (tanks may still contain fuel and oil, but only upon prior confirmation).

17A - cast iron

Sized cast iron scraps.
Piece weight: 0.5 – 2000 kg.
Max. dimensions: 600 x 500 x 500 mm.

20A - outsized cast iron

Outsized cast iron scraps.
Max. piece weight: 4000 kg.
Max. scrap thickness: 300 mm.

5A1 - outsized thick-walled pieces

Outsized thick-walled construction scrap suitable for shearing press.
Thickness: 4+ mm.


Outsized rebar scrap.
Rebar and rebar construction.
Maximum dimension - withhout.

16A - scobs

Metal scobs.

12M - household appliances

Lightweight scrap with non-metal cotaminations, refrigerators, boilers, empty paint cans, household appliances, washing machines, etc.
Non-metal inseparable contaminations are accepted.
Automobiles without engine.

12AS - cable, rope

Metal cable, rope.

12SN - tin-plate

Tin-plate: can production metal byproducts.

OXI - sized manufacture byproducts

Steel manufacture processing byproducts.
Thickness: 4+ mm.
Max. dimensions are not limited.

5AN - outsized heavy-weight manufacture byproducts

Steel manufacture processing byproducts.
Thickness: 4+ mm.
Max. dimensions are not limited.

12AN - ousized lightveight manufacture byproducts

Lightweight outsized metal processing manufacture byproducts.
Thickness: 4+ mm.
Max. dimensions are not limited.

OA - bonus 245.00
3A - steel 239.00
5A - outsized 220.00
12A - tin (plate) 205.00
12AM - vehicles 150.00
17A - cast iron 233.00
20A - outsized cast iron 220.00
5A1 - outsized thick-walled pieces 220.00
5AR 214.00
16A - scobs 170.00
12M - household appliances 115.00
12AS - cable, rope 198.00
12SN - tin-plate 198.00
OXI - sized manufacture byproducts 240.00
5AN - outsized heavy-weight manufacture byproducts 234.00
12AN - ousized lightveight manufacture byproducts 234.00
Best prices in Latvia Eur/kg **
Cast Aluminum 1.06
Aluminum, food grade 1.10
Aluminum 0.95
Cu copper 4.60
Brass, bronze 3.00
Brass/copper radiators 2.60
Stainless steel 1.15
Stainless steel (Ni 9.5-10%) 1.30
Stainless steel (8% Ni) 1.10
Electric motors, generators and stators 0.55
CAM (Zn, Al, Mg alloy) 0.85
AKB accumulators (Pb) 0.70
AKB accumulators (Ni, Cd, Fe) 0.30
Catalizers 36.00
Brass, bronze scobs 2.50
Mg magnesium 1.00
Pb lead 1.25
Aluminum, AD 1.10
Aluminum, radiators 0.65
Aluminum, Mix 0.80
Aluminum cans 0.43
Aluminum (Fe <40%) 0.43
AL KrFe (AL 20%; Fe 80%) 0.43
Aluminum scobs 0.43
Aluminum foil 0.35
Aluminum, small items 0.43
Electric motors, refrigerator compressors 0.35
Sn Tin 4.60
Cr chrome 0.25
Сatalyzer (ceramic, coated, US) 8.00

55 receiving centers in the Baltics

* Approximate receiving price

** Actual price on 24.07.2014.